Reklamní předměty - ITSEASY 2022 - SPEED PRESS Plus a.s.

writing BIG BLUE REFILL BIG BLUE REFILL rpet rpet ECO ECO RPET RPET 24 66 A large selection for your advertising message on the subject of writing - uniquely sustainable writing implements made of wood, bamboo, recycled cardboard, wheat straw, cork or metal through to inexpensive and durable writing implements. Here you will find everything for writing, painting, drawing, stamps and multifunctional items. 2554 Transparent ball pen Glasgow Environmentally friendly, transparent ball pen made of RPET with blue writing large capacity refill, straight clip, printing mechanism and RPET logo. Your logo is printed on the right of the clip. 14,7 × ø 1 cm T1 4 × 0,6 2552 Transparent ball pen Alken Classic ball pen made of recycled PET, transparent with silver applications and blue writing large capacity refill. Logo will be printed to the right of the clip. 14,6 × ø 1,2 cm T1 4 × 0,6

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